Travel Advisors Really Do Exist

Once upon a time long ago…

… before the days of the internet if you wanted to plan a family vacation, romantic getaway, destination wedding or group travel people went through a travel agent.   Fast-forward to the present where everything is accessible with a click of the mouse or a Costco membership and guess what….. travel agents, travel advisors as we are called now, still exist.   

Now I have to admit I had no idea.  Up until 3 years ago I had never used a travel agent and did not know the profession was still around.  Looking back, I really could have saved myself some time and money had I known.  

In 2009, I had my own destination wedding in the Caribbean.  I was lucky, I knew the exact island I wanted to get married on and it was small with only a handful of resorts to choose from.  I researched resorts, contacted each for pricing, got the wedding contract, room contract, helped my guest with their room accommodations, found a photographer and on.. and on.  Little did I know that had I gone through a Travel Advisor much of this would have been handled for me and with white glove service…. and perks. Well, that ship has sailed and I wasn’t on it, but you could be.   

So why use a travel advisor? Well for starters it’s our profession.  I call an electrician if I need electrical work. Why? They are the experts.  Yes I could try to do it but they have the right tools and can do it more efficiently.  As a travel advisor I have tools. My tools compute into things like:

·       Luxury networks providing me with resources around the world.

·       Special amenities for my clients on select hotels, resorts and cruises.

·       Negotiating group rates.  Yes, if you plan ahead resorts, hotels, airlines and cruise lines offer     discounted rates depending on group size. 

·       Group contract negotiation with resorts/hotels.  Many of which often come with things like free nights, air credits and more.

·       Suppliers who connect us with the hotels, tourism boards, cruise lines and airlines.

·       Experience.  We travel to these places just to spend our time visiting resorts and experiencing the destination so we tell YOU about it and make the most of YOUR trip.

Today I wear the title of Travel Advisor proudly and want everyone to know we are still here and just as excited to help plan your travels as you are to go on them.

~ Lauren

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